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Download February 16, 2021 Agenda
Download January 19, 2021 Agenda
Download November 17, 2020 Agenda
Download October 20, 2020 Agenda
Download September 15, 2020 Agenda
Download August 18, 2020 Agenda

Design Standards
Please fill out this form and submit to the ARC prior to making any exterior changes or updates.
Download Design Review Application
Download Design Standards Addendum Political Signage
Download Design Standards Addendum - Concrete Modification and Roofs
Design standards for all homes in Wellington. Please review this document prior to making any changes or updates to the home/Lot to determine if a Design Review Application is Required.
Download Design Standards (ARC Updated 2020)
Brief summary of some of the updates to the Design Standards.
Download Design Standards Update Summary

Wellington Pool
Please fill out this form and submit it to the office with your payment if you are a NON RESIDENT who would like to become a member of Wellington Pool for the 2021 season.
Download NON-RESIDENT MEMBER 2021 Pool Form
In order to obtain passes or validate existing passes for 2020, please follow the instructions for your specific situation as listed in the document.
Download 2020 Pool INFO, Guest Policy Changes and INSTRUCTIONS to Obtain Passes
Please read the instructions document and fill out this form if you are a HOMEOWNER IN WELLINGTON to obtain pool passes or validate existing passes.
Download 2020 Pool Application - HOMEOWNER
Residents and non-resident members are responsible for familiarizing themselves and their guests with the rules for use of Wellington Pool.
Download Pool Rules and Regulations

Download Vehicle (Parking) Policy - Updated 2020
If you are a resident interested in proposing a parking plan to the Board, please review this Resolution.
Download Resolution 7.1 Parking Plans
Please read this notice for information on important updates to the policy as well as information on how to submit a parking plan to the Board for your section.
Download Parking Updates Notice
If you are interested in submitting a parking plan for your section, please review this document to determine your section streets.
Download Parking Section Information - SECTION LIST
Please review this map, which corresponds with the color coded section list.
Download Parking Section Information - SECTION MAP

Annual Meeting/Candidates
Download Wellington 2020 Annual Meeting Notice
Download Candidate Statement - Michele Childs
Download Candidate Statement - John Hemphill
Download Candidate Statement - Catherine Radwick
Download Ballot Form

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